1. 6. 2015 - 22.00

"The vapour-engine must be fed with food and consume it by fire even as man consumes it; it supports its combustion by air as man supports it; it has a pulse and circulation as man has. It may be granted that man's body is as yet the more versatile of the two, but then man's body is an older thing; give the vapour-engine but half the time that man has had, give it also a continuance of our present infatuation, and what may it not ere long attain to?"

Orlando Scarpa Neto - Av. Rio Branco

DJ NJ DRONE - Banger (Fools)

Tyondai Braxton - Amlochley

Errorsmith & Mark Fell - B1. Cuica Digitales

Nisennenmondai - mirror ball '13

DJ NJ DRONE - Blood Kakao

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Great show, and thanks for playing Av. Rio Branco! Very glad to know some folks in Slovenia enjoyed it.


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