Where Is The Sun?

8. 4. 2013 - 21.00

''Life is made up / of all that you lose / can't even choose / the colour of your blues''

Money Mark - Color Of Your Blues


Nova deViator - I Do Not Cry With Tears
Nova deViator - Man - This Is The New Word

Bilal feat. Robert Glasper - Butterfly
Erin McKimm - Dam Atmosphere With Frogs and Birds
Davor O - Torn (Pavemental Remix) (forthcoming Define Records)
Roll Deep - Let It Out
Michael Smith - Black 'N' White
Gorgon Sound - Find Jah Way (Dubkasm Remix)
R-Zone - Rosa Luxemburg (forthcoming R-Zone)
Man Tear - Outside Amore (Dub) (forthcoming DFA Records)
Clark Coolidge - Preface (excerpt)
Madteo - We Doubt (Dresvn Remix)
Arpebu - Keymosa'be!
Traxman - Zone
DJ Manny - Driftin' On By
Kode9 - Xingfu Lu (forthcoming Hyperdub)
Tim Reaper - Jukecognito
X Nation - Get Away (unreleased)
DJ Spinn - Deep
DJ Earl - Teklife TakeOva


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The first one is "fucking kids" (rolls eyes as he types). It's gone so far downhill since Ginsberg's time that we no longer need the second one – just stick a period after "fucking kids" (rolls eyes as he types).

hahaha :)))

...trying to get a Phoebus cartel.


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